And so does CCK09 …

What does? Begins, I mean. I enrolled to CCK09‘s Moodle where there were about 50 persons already registered.Nice to see that also this time, it seems that almost whole globe is being represented. I believe that this (real diversity of nationalities, cultures, etc.) brings the real connectivity more alive.

I also took first looks at the readings etc. of the following week, under the monicker “What the Connectivism is?”.There were a couple of presentations and an interview of G. Siemens and S. Downes – focused on the basic principles of connectivism as an concept and a theory. I feel that it’s quite easy to apply the main ideas in the domain of online learning- still waiting for deepening the views that before and already I’ve constructed.

Seems interesting as I thought. I actually did what I’ve planned to do with or without attending CCK – translated couple of articles in Finnish, in holy purpose to understand the profound basics and concepts – as I’ve studied most of the theories in Finnish. I’ve wondered’ n pondered about the nature of online learning processes: it was nice to see the “emphasis” of the process aspect and also I interested getting more about the social online learning processes – if I didn’t get everything wrong, I believe that connectivism deals alot with that genre.

What was not a surprise also, the arguments about connectivism being a learning theory or not were presented quite strongly. I think that is an essential debate, although I’m not too good in nor that much fond of concepts. But along the mundane “acclamations”, it’s releaving to observe or even participate profound discussion about things we deal with. Connectivism enriches (“expands”) the learning process of an individual and adds the elements of social learning?

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  1. Welcome to the course, I want to say because I was there a year ago, so I am old there.
    I always love to see global elements in the course: there is spring in Australia, there are different times in the world, sun rises from the east.. so we have midnight when Ellumination begins after workday in Canada..

    This is a possibility to develop, to understand better or more deeply … what an exciting autumn this will be. Sky is the limit., is it?
    Onnea ja menestystä opinnoillesi!

  2. Thank you Heli. I’m just writing the “summary” of the first week and I really agree with you about this “understand better and more deeply” -> I’m just battling with “what I’ve understood” and “what I’ve not” and also “what I see different now” after the first week. George Siemens replied to me and asked to clarify the constructivistic view I commented e.g. the “unpropositionality”, autonomy, diversity, etc. of constructivism and connectivism. I haven’t invented any other constructivism but maybe I have clarify by distincting the “interface”. George called constructivism more a “philosophy” than theory, I can’t yet see connectivism as a theory – more like mode or “extension” instead?

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